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Marilyn Kooser

Marilyn KooserMuseum Scientist

Ph.D., Univ. of California, Riverside, 1980
Specialty: Stratigraphy
Phone: (951) 827-3440
Office: Pierce 2357

Research Interests:

Quantitative biostratigraphy, effects of sampling on diversity and taxon ranges.

Recent Projects:

Quantitative means of using museum collections to maximize biostratigraphic information. Use of the quantitative biostratigraphy program CONOP. Detailed mapping, fossil collection and correlation of sections in the Lower Cambrian of the Marble Mountains of California. Effects of continued sampling and sampling completeness on diversity and taxon ranges.

Selected Publications:

Webster, Mark, Sadler, P.M., Kooser, M. A., Fowler, E., 2003, Combining Stratigraphic Sections and Museum Collections to Increase Biostratigraphic Resolution: Comparison of the Resolving Power of Traditional Biostratigraphy and Computer-assisted Correlation, in Harries, Peter J. (ed.), High Resolution Approaches in Stratigraphic Paleontology, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, pp. 95-128.

Sadler, P.M., Kemple, W.G., and Kooser, M.A., 2003, CONOP Programs for Solving the Stratigraphic Correlation and Seriation Problems as Constrained Optimization, in Harries, Peter J. (ed.), High Resolution Approaches in Stratigraphic Paleontology, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, chapter 13, pp. 461-465 and compact disc.

Néraudeau, Didier, Crame, J. Alistair, and Kooser, Marilyn, 2000, Upper Cretacous Echinoids from James Ross Basin, Antarctica, Geobios 3:455-466.

Conglomerates and the reconstruction of strike slip fault zones: lessons from the Transverse Ranges, S. California. Sadler, P.M., Kooser, M. A., Renfrew, J.M., and Hillenbrand, J.M., in Colburn, Ivan P., Abbott, P.L., and Minch, J. (eds), Conglomerates in Basin Analysis: A Symposium Dedicated to A.O. Woodford: Pacific Section S.E.P.M., 62:33-52, 1989.

Paleocene Plesiosaur? Kooser, M.A., in Reynolds, ed., Geologic Investigations along Interstate 15, West. Assoc. Vert Paleontologists, 43-48, 1985.

Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the type San Francisquito Formation. Kooser, M.A., in Crowell and Link, eds., Geologic History of the Ridge Basin, Pacific Sec. SEPM, 53-61, 1982.

Weaver, James C., William Mershon, Martin Zadrazil, Marilyn Kooser, and David Kisailus, 2010, Wide-field SEM of semiconducting minerals, Material today 13(10): 46-53.

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