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Andrey Bekker

Andrey Bekker

Associate Professor

PhD Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1996-2001
MS University of Minnesota, Duluth 1994-1996
Leningrad Mining Institute, Russia 1984-1989

Specialty: Precambrian Geologist with expertise in Sedimentology and Stratigraphy and Geochemistry

Phone: (951) 827-4611
Office: Geology 408

Research Interests:

Paleoproterozoic chemostratigraphy and event stratigraphy, climate changes in the deep past, rise in atmospheric oxygen, chemical composition of the atmosphere and ocean and its link with global tectonics, ocean redox state in the Precambrian, C, S, and Fe cycles, first appearance of marine sulfate evaporites, sedimentary mineral deposits, stable isotope geochemistry.

Javaux, E.J., Marschall, C.P., Bekker, A., 2010, Organic-walled microfossils in 3.2-billion-year-old shallow-marine siliciclastic deposis, Nature, v. 463, p. 934-938. Javaux et al., 2010.pdf

Bekker, A., Barley, M.E., Fiorentini, M.L., Rouxel, O.J., Rumble, D., and Beresford, S.W., 2009, Atmospheric Sulfur in Archean Komatiite-Hosted Nickel Deposits, Science, in the press.Bekker et al., 2009.pdf

Hofmann, A., Bekker, A., Rouxel, O., Rumble, D., Master, S., 2009, Multiple sulphur and iron isotope composition of detrital pyrite in Archaean sedimentary rocks: A new tool for provenance analysis, EPSL, v. 286, p. 436-445. Hofmann et al., 2009.pdf

Planavsky, N., Rouxel, O., Bekker, A., Shapiro, R., Fralick, P., Knudsen, A., 2009, Iron-oxidizing microbial ecosystems trived in late Paleoproterozoic redox-stratified oceans, EPSL, v. 286, p. 230-242.Planavsky et al., 2009.pdf

Yang, G., Hannah, J.L., Zimmerman, A., Stein, H.J., Bekker, A., 2009, Re-Os depositional age for Archean carbonaceous slates from the southwestern Superior Province: Challenges and insights, EPSL, v. 280, p. 83-92.Yang et al., 2009.pdf

Slack, J.F., Grenne, T., Bekker, A., 2009, Seafloor-hydrothermal Si-Fe-Mn exhalites in the Pecos greenstone belt, New Mexico, and the redox state of ca. 1720 Ma deep seawater, Geosphere, v. 5(3), p. 302-314.Slack et al., 2009.pdf

Pollack, G.D., Krogstad, E.J., Bekker, A., 2009, U-Th-Pb-REE systematics of organic-rich shales from the ca. 2.15 Ga Sengoma Argillite Formation, Botswana: Evidence for oxidative continental weathering during the Great Oxidation Event, Chemical Geology, v. 260, p. 172-185.Pollack et al., 2009.pdf

Guo, Q., Strauss, H., Kaufman, A.J., Schröder, S., Gutzmer, J., Wing, B., Baker, M.A., Bekker, A., Kim, S.-T., Farquhar, J., 2009, Reconstructing Earth's surface oxidation across the Archean-Proterozoic transition, Geology, v. 37 (5), p. 399-402.Guo et al., 2009.pdf

Bekker, A., Holmden, C., Beukes, N.J., Kenig, F., Eglington, B., Patterson, W.P., 2008, Fractionation between inorganic and organic carbon during the Lomagundi (2.22-2.1 Ga) carbon isotope excursion, EPSL, v. 271, p. 278-291.Bekker et al., 2008.pdf

Scott, C., Lyons, T.W., Bekker, A., Shen, Y., Poulton, S., Chu, X., and Anbar, A., 2008, Tracing the stepwise oxygenation of the Proterozoic biosphere, Nature, v. 452, p. 456-459.Scott et al., 2008.pdf

Schröder, S., Bekker, A., Beukes, N. J., Strauss, H., van Niekerk, H. S., 2008, Rise in seawater sulphate concentration associated with the Paleoproterozoic positive carbon isotope excursion: evidence from sulphate evaporites in the ~2.2–2.1 Gyr shallow-marine Lucknow Formation, South Africa, Terra Nova, v. 20, p. 108-117.Schroeder et al., 2008.pdf

Slack, J.F., Grenne, T., Bekker, A., Rouxel, O.J., Lindberg, P.A., 2007, Suboxic deep seawater in the late Paleoproterozoic: evidence from hematitic chert and iron formation related to seafloor-hydrothermal sulfide deposits, central Arizona, USA, EPSL, v. 255, p. 243-256.Slack et al 2007.pdf

Bekker, A., Kaufman, A.J., 2007, Oxidative forcing of global climate change: a biogeochemical record across the oldest Paleoproterozoic ice age in North America, EPSL, v. 258, p. 486-499.Bekker & Kaufman, 2007.pdf

Rouxel, O.J., Bekker, A., Edwards, K., 2006, Reply on Technical Comment by Yamaguchi, K.E. and Ohmoto, H. on “Iron isotope constraints on the Archean and Paleoproterozoic ocean redox state” by Rouxel, O., Bekker, A., Edwards, K., Science, v. 307, p. 1088-1091, Science, v. 311, p. 177b.rouxel et al - Science.pdf

Bekker, A., Karhu, J. A., Kaufman, A J., 2006, Carbon isotope record for the onset of the Lomagundi carbon isotope excursion in the Great Lakes area, Precambrian Research, v. 148, p. 145-180.Bekker et al. 2006.pdf

Medvedev, P., Bekker, A., Karhu, J.A., Kortelainen, N., 2005, Testing the biostratigraphic potential of early Paleoproterozoic microdigitate stromatolites, Revista Española de Micropaleontologia, v. 37, p. 41-56.Medvedev-05.pdf

Barley, M.E., Bekker, A., Krapež, B., 2005, Late Archean to Early Paleoproterozoic global tectonics, environmental change and the rise of atmospheric oxygen, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 238, p. 156-171.Barley et al. 2005.pdf

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Hannah, J.L., Bekker, A., Stein, H.J., Markey, R. J., Holland, H.D., 2004, Primitive Os and 2316 Ma age for marine shale: implications for Paleoproterozoic glacial events and the rise of atmospheric oxygen, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 225, p. 43-52.Hannah et al., 2004.pdf

Bekker, A., Holland, H.D., Wang, P.-L., Rumble, D., Stein, H.J., Hannah, J.L., Coetzee, L.L. and Beukes, N.J., 2004, Dating the rise of the atmospheric oxygen, Nature, v. 427, p. 117-120.Bekker et al 2004 Nature.pdf

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Bekker, A., Karhu, J. A., Eriksson, K. A., and Kaufman, A. J., 2003, Chemostratigraphy of Paleoproterozoic carbonate successions of the Wyoming Craton: tectonic forcing of biogeochemical change?, Precambrian Research, v. 120, p. 279-325.Bekker et al. 2003.pdf

Bekker, A., Eriksson, K. A., 2003, Paleoproterozoic drowned carbonate platform on the southeastern margin of the Wyoming Craton: a record of the Kenorland breakup, Precambrian Research, v. 120, p. 327-364.Bekker & Eriksson, 2003.pdf

Bekker, A., Kaufman, A J., Karhu, J. A., Beukes, N. J., Swart, Q. D., Coetzee, L. L., Eriksson, K. A., 2001, Chemostratigraphy of the Paleoproterozoic Duitschland Formation, South Africa: Implications for coupled climate change and carbon cycling, American Journal of Science, v. 301, p. 261 - 285.Bekker et al. (2001).pdf

Ziegler, A.M., Rees, P.M., Rowley, D.B., Bekker, A., Qing Li, Hulver, M.L., 1995, Mesozoic Assembly of Asia: Constraints from fossil Floras, Tectonics and Paleomagnetism, Rubey Volume 9: The Tectonic Evolution of Asia, Cambridge, University Press, p. 371 - 400.

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Ziegler, A.M., Parrish, J.M., Jiping, Y., Gyllenhaal, E.D., Rowley, D.B., Parrish, J.T., Shangyou, N., Bekker, A., Hulver, M.L., 1993, Early Mesozoic phytogeography and climate, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B 341, 297-305.

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