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Abhijit Ghosh

Abhijit Ghosh

Associate Professor of Geophysics

PhD, Geophysics, University of Washington, USA, 2007-2011

Specialty: Seismology, earthquake physics, slow earthquake and tremor, array techniques

Phone: (951) 827-4493
Office: Geology 438A

Research Interests:

I study earthquakes and faults using seismology as a tool. My research goals include characterizing the full spectrum of fault slip behaviors as shown by slow and fast earthquakes. This often involves developing novel techniques for high resolution imaging of earthquakes. My research focuses on understanding the underlying physics and mechanics of earthquakes and faults, and the critical role they play in governing the tectonics of a region.

Recent Projects:

There are several interesting projects I am currently working on, and plenty of opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to be actively involved. Selected projects are listed below. 

1. Systematic search and characterization of very low frequency earthquakes (VLFE) in the Cascadia Subduction Zone. 

2. Systematic search for offshore non-volcanic tremor in the Cascadia Subduction Zone using ocean bottom seismometers. 

3. Imaging and characterizing slow earthquakes and tremor in northern Cascadia using multiple mini seismic arrays (Array of Arrays) 

4. Imaging non-volcanic tremor and volcanic seismicity in Alaska/Aleutian Arc 

5. Triggered tremor in the San Andreas Fault

6. Earthquake frequency-magnitude distribution (b-value) 

In addition, I am planning to install mini seismic arrays in critical places along the San Andreas Fault system to look for tremor and image associated seismicity in an unprecedented resolution.

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  1. Ghosh, A. (2011), Imaging slow earthquakes in Cascadia using seismic arrays. PhD Thesis, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington, August 2011.
  2. Ghosh, A. (2007), Earthquake Frequency-Magnitude Distribution and Interface Locking at the Middle America Subduction Zone near Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. MS Thesis, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Tech, June 2007 [ PDF ].
  3. Ghosh, A. (2004), Structure and tectonics of the Sausar Group, around Ngarjuna and Khindsi, Ramtek, Maharashtra. MS Thesis, Department of Geology, University of Calcutta.
  4. Ghosh, A. (2004), Seismic sections across the Himalayan fault system and its correlation with geologic cross sections. Review article, Departmental publication, Department of Geology, University of Calcutta.

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