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Larissa F. Dobrzhinetskaya

Larissa F. Dobrzhinetskayapx

Research Geophysicist

Doctor of Sciences Degree – Supreme Committee of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Ph.D., Institute of Precambrian Geology and Geochronology
B.S., Saint Petersburg University, Russia
Fellow of Mineralogical Society of America
Fellow of Geological Society of America
Fellow of American Association for Advancement of Science
Fellow of Japan Society for Promotion of Science
UCR Distinguished Research Award

Specialty: Mineral Physics, High Pressures Experimental Mineralogy, Ultra-High Pressure Metamorphism and Deep Subduction, Deep Earths Mineralogy and Geophysics.

Phone: (951) 827-5616
Office: Pierce 2331
Curriculum Vitae, Publications

Research Interests:

Mineral physics, microdiamonds, moissanites, native metals. Ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks from collisional orogenic belts, mineral microstructures, phase transformations at very high pressures and high temperatures in order to understand the Earth's interior and its geodynamics. Experimental modeling of the ultra-deep metamorphic process and mineral phase transformations utilizing Walker 's style multianvil apparatus and diamond anvil cell devices.

Current projects:

  1. Diamond formations in subduction zones; diamond synthesis from a supercritical COH-fluid
  2. Nanoscale geological materials at extreme pressures and temperatures.

Scientific Editor and Editorial Board Member:

Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, Springer;
Journal of Metamorphic Geology, John Wiley & Sons;
Journal of Earth Science, Springer.

Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F., Mukhin, P., Wang, Q., Wirth, R., O'Bannon, E., Zhao, W., Eppelbaum, L., Sokhonchuk, T., 2017. Moissanite (SiC) with metal-silicide and silicon inclusions from tuff of Israel: Raman spectroscopy and electron microscope studies, Lithos. DOI: 10.1016/j.lithos.2017.04.001

Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F., Xi, G., Wirth, R., O'Bannon, E., Shi, F., Green, H., 2017. Fluid driven sp3-to-sp2 transformation in carbon at 1300K and 1GPa: experimental studies. Trans. of the International Goldschmidt Conference, Paris, France, v. 27.

Wirth, R., Dobrzhinetskaya, L., Harte, B., Schreiber, A. and Green, H.W., 2014. High-Fe (Mg,Fe)O Inclusions in Diamond Apparently from the Lowermost Mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Elsevier; 404:365-375.

Jacob, D., Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F., Wirth, R., 2014. New insight into polycrystalline diamond genesis from modern nanoanalytical techniques. Earth Sciences Reviews, Elsevier; 136:21-35.

Dobrzhinetskaya L.F. “Minerals and Human Health”, textBook. Cognella Inc. - 2015, p.309.

Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F., Wirth, R., Yang, J.-S., Bai, W., Green, H.W., Hutcheon, I.D., Weber, P. K. and Grew, E., 2014. Qingsongite, natural cubic boron nitride: The first boron mineral from the Earth’s mantle. American Mineralogist, 99:764-772.

Dobrzhinetskaya, L., Wirth, R. and Green, H., 2014. Diamonds in Earth’s oldest zircons from Jack Hills conglomerate, Australia, are contamination. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 387:212-218.

Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F., Wirth, R., Shreiber, A., Green, H. and E. O’Bannon, 2013. First find of polycrystalline diamonds in ultrahigh pressure metamorphic terrane of Erzgebirge, Germany. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 31: 5–18.

Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F., 2012. Microdiamonds — Frontier of ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism: A review. Gondwana Research, 21: 207-223.

Dobrzhinetskaya, L. F., Wirth, R., Yang, J., Hatcheon, I.D., Weber, P. and Green, H.W., 2009. Nitrides and oxides recording a highly reduced mantle environments form an ophiolite. Proceedings of National Academy Sciences of the United States of America, 106: 19233-19238.

Yang, J., Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F., Bai, W.-J., Fang, Q-S., Robinson, P., Zhang, J-F. and Green, H.W., 2007. Diamond - and coesite-beraing chromitites from the Luobasa ophiolite, Tibet. Geology, 35: 875-878.

Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F., Wirth, R., Green, H.W., 2007. A look inside of diamond-forming media in deep subduction zones. Proceedings of National Academy Sciences of the United States of America, 104: 9128-9132.

Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F. Liu, Z, Cartigny, P., Zhang, J., Tchkhetia, N.N., Green II, H.W. and Hemley R.J., 2006. Synchrotron infrared and Raman spectroscopy of microdiamonds from Erzgebirge, Germany. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 248: 340-349.

Dobrzhinetskaya, L. F., Wirth, R, and Green II, H.W., 2005. Direct observation and analysis of trapped COH inclusions in Kokchetav diamonds (Kazakhstan). Terra Nova, 17: 472-477.

Dobrzhinetskaya, L. F., Green II, H.W., Renfro, A. P., Bozhilov, K.N., Spengler, D. and Van Roermund, H. L. M., 2004. Precipitation of pyroxenes and olivine from majoritic garnet: simulation of peridotite exhumation from great depth. Terra Nova, 16: 325-330.

Dobrzhinetskaya, L. F., Renfro, A. P. and Green II, H.W., 2004. Synthesis of skeletal diamonds: implication to orogenic belts microdiamond formation. Geology, 32: 869-872.

Jung, H., Green, II, H.W., Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F., 2004. Intermediate-depth earthquake faulting by dehydration embrittlement with negative volume change. Nature, 428: 545-549.

Bozilov, K.N., Green, H.W. and Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F., 1999. Clinoenstatite in the Alpe Arami peridotite: additional evidence of very high pressure. Science, 284: 128-132.

Green, H.W.,II, Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F. and Bozhilov, 1997. Determining the origin of ultra-high pressure lherzolites,. Science, 278: 704-707.

Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F., Green, H.W.,II, Wang, S., 1996. Alpe-Arami: a peridotite massif from depth of more than 300 kilometers. Science, 271: 1841-1845.

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