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Gareth Funning

Gareth Funning

Associate Professor

D.Phil. in Earth Sciences, University of Oxford, 2005

Specialty: Earthquake Processes/ Active Tectonics

Phone: (951) 827-2037
Office: Geology 438B

Research Interests:

My research interests revolve around trying to understand the processes at work in deforming the lithosphere, and controlling the behavior of active faults both during and between earthquakes. The development and refinement over the past decade of high-precision space geodetic tools such as InSAR and GPS have given us a wealth of data on the movement of the Earth's surface, which we can use to test models of continental deformation and faulting. 

Recent Projects:

Recently I have been exploring synergies between space geodesy and seismology, including joint inversions of both data types for the evolution of fault slip in earthquakes, study of repeating earthquake sequences on faults to place constraints on the depth of creep, and detailed comparisons of earthquake centroid locations to identify potential biases in Earth velocity models. 

I remain very interested in modeling InSAR data from earthquakes, and have been working on refining the methodology to include treatment of more complex fault surfaces, realistic topography and better treatment of uncertainties, resolution and statistical significance.

Since the whole point of being a geologist is to spend time outdoors, I also maintain ongoing GPS field projects in northern and southern California, targeting fault creep (the northern San Francisco Bay area), areas of fault complexity (the San Jacinto Fault zone, the Ventura Fault zone), areas undergoing postseismic deformation (the epicentral areas of the 2010 El Mayor-Cucapah and 2014 South Napa earthquakes), and deformation related to geothermal power production (The Geysers, CA). And we (my students, collaborators and I) are working on modeling all those data right now!

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