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Alley and Clark 1999-AnnRevEPS-The Deglaciation of the Northern hemisphere

Bachman 1978-Geology-Waucoba

Bacon et al 2006-Quat Sci Reviews-Last glacial maximum and Holocene lake levels of Owens Lake

Benson et al 1996-Science-Climatic and Hydrologic Oscillations in the Owens Lake

Benson et al 1997-Nature-Nearly synchronous climate change in the Northern Hemisphere

Berry 1994-Quat Research-soil and gepmophic analyses glacial sequences

Birkeland et al 1976-Cenozoic Glaciations in the Sierras

Birkeland et al 1980-GSABull-Soils and subsurface rock-weathering features of Sherwin

Bischoff et al 1997-GSASP-OL92 Cycles saline vs fresh

Blackwelder 1931-GSABull-Sierra Glaciation

Bond et al 1993-Nature-Correlations between climaterecords from N Atl sediments and GL ice

Dansgaard et al 1993-Nature-Evidence for generalinstability of past climate from a 250-kyrice-core record

Fairchild and Kennedy 2007-GSL-Neoproterozoic Glaciation

Gillespie and Zehfuss-2004-Glaciations of the Sierra Nevada

Konrad and Clark 1998-Alpine and Arctic Research-Neoglacial advance

LaMarche 1974-Science-Paleoclimatic Inferences from Long Tree-Ring Records

Li et al 2004-QSR-Climate and hydrology of the Last Interglaciation (MIS 5) in Owens

Martinelli 2004-GlbPlnChg-Climate from dendrochronology

Menking 1997-GSASP-OL-92 Clay Record

Minnich 2007-California climate and paleovegetation

Mitchell 1977-Studying Climate Change

Phillips et al 1990-Science-Cosmogenic Chlorine-36 Chronology for Glacial Deposits

Phillips et al 1996-Science-Chronology for fluctuations in Late Pleistocene

Phillips et al 2009-GSABull-glacial chrono of bishop creek

Smith and Bischoff 1997-GSASP-Core OL-92

Xiahong and Epstein 1994-Science-Hydrogen isotopes tree rings

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