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Stephen R. Kane


Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Tasmania, 2000

Specialty: Exoplanets and Habitability

Phone: (951) 827-6593
Fax: (951) 827-4324
Office: 2360 Pierce Hall

Research Interests:

The detection, characterization, and habitability of planets orbiting other stars (exoplanets) using data from a variety of ground-based and space-based telescopes.

Recent Projects:
  • Detection of Exoplanets: Searches for exoplanets with radial velocity and photometric data utilizing the microlensing, transit, and doppler techniques.
  • Exoplanet Habitability: This project calculates Habitable Zones for all the known exoplanet host stars, including confirmed exoplanets and Kepler candidates. The data and figures are updated regularly and made available to the community via the Habitable Zone Gallery.
  • The TERMS Project: The Transit Ephemeris Refinement and Monitoring Survey (TERMS) both refines the orbits and searches for transits of known radial velocity planets.
  • Discovery of Venus Analogs: This project searches for terrestrial planets in the "Venus Zone" where runaway greenhouse atmospheres occur and examines the detectable atmospheric signatures of such atmospheres.
  • Planetary Rotation, Obliquity, and Albedos: Using space-based DSCOVR Earth observation data to simulate recovery of rotation, obliquity, and albedos for future exoplanet direct imaging missions.
  • Exoplanetary Phase Variations: Modeling planetary phase variations at multiple wavelengths, particularly those in eccentric orbits, in order to characterize surface and atmospheric properties.


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