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Richard A. Minnich

Richard A. Minnich


Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 1978

Specialty: Fire ecology, biogeography, atmospheric science.

Phone: (951) 827-5515
Office: Geology 1462

Research Interests:

Fire ecology and historical vegetation change in southern California and Baja California, biological invasions. Atmospheric science applied to ecology.

Current Projects: Book publication: Fire selection: Consequences of suppression along the California Borderland.

Google Earth atlas of 74 tree species of the Californias that include the coastal ranges of central and southern California, Mojave and Sonoran Deserts, and the Baja California peninsula. After publication, it is planned to have maps accessed and revised on-line based on observations of academics and non-professionals with interest in botany and ecology.

Lateral snow transport and tree line dynamics on Mt. San Gorgonio, southern California.

Minnich, R.A. 2008. California’s fading wildflowers: Lost legacy and biological invasions. University of California Press. 360 p.

Gruelke, N. and Minnich, R.A. 2009. Air pollution increases forest susceptibility to wildfires: A case study in the San Bernardino Mountains in southern California. In Developments in Environmental Sciences, Volume 8 (A. Bytnerowicz et al., eds.). Elsevier.

Thorne, R.F., R.V. Moran, and R.A. Minnich. 2010. Vascular plants of the high Sierra San Pedro Mártir, Baja California, Mexico. Aliso 28:1-50.

Minnich, R.A. E. Franco-Vizcaíno, and M. Salazar-Ceseña. 2011. Distribution and regional ecology of Californian Palm Oases interpreted from Google Earth Images. Aliso 29: 1-12.

Minnich, R.A., E. Franco-Vizcaíno, and B.R. Goforth. 2013. Distribution of chaparral and pine-oak “sky islands” in central and southern Baja California and implications of packrat midden records on climate change since the last glacial maximum. In: Conservation Science in Mexico’s Northwest: Ecosystem status and trends in the Gulf of California (E. V. Wehncke, J.Ruben Lara-Lara, S. Alvarez-Borrego, and E. Ezcurra, eds). UC Mexus, Semarnat, Instituto Nacional de Ecologia y Cambio Climatico.

Cox, R.D. Preston, K.L. Minnich, R.A. and Allen, E.B. 2014. Influence of landscape-scale variables on vegetation conversion in southern California. Global Ecology and Conservation 2: 190-203.

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