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Peter M. Sadler

Peter M. Sadler


Ph.D., University of Bristol , U.K. , 1973
Research Scientist, Georg August University , Goettingen 1973-76
Crosby Lecturer, MIT, 2005

Specialty: Quantitative Stratigraphy

Phone: (951) 827-5616
Office: Pierce 2331

Research Interests:

Rates and scaling laws of geologic processes; completeness of the stratigraphic record; quantitative biostratigraphy.

Recent Projects:

CONOP software for stratigraphic correlation and seriation; Ordovician and Silurian time scales; graptolite and conodont macroevolution; scaling laws for progradation, aggradation, and volumes of siliciclastic passive margins; rates of accumulation during Snowball earth; loess accumulation rates

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