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Thomas A. Scott

Thomas A. Scott

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 1987

Specialty: Conservation Biology

Phone: (951) 827-5115

Research Interests:

Biogeography, conservation biology, wildlife management.

Recent Projects:

Wildlife conservation in fragmented and altered landscapes, including studies of wildlife movement, habitat use, and population biology in oak woodland, sage scrub, and riparian habitats; behavioral changes and adjustments in habitat use of woodland bird species in response to human activities; the conservation and management of island bird species through captive propagation, predator control, and habitat restoration.

Morrison, M.L., Scott, T.A., and Tennant, T., 1994. Wildlife-Habitat restoration in an urban park in Southern California. Restoration Ecology, 2:17-30.

Scott, T.A. , 1994. Irruptive Dispersal of Black-shouldered Kites to a near shore island. The Condor, 96:197-200.

Scott, T.A., 1995. Prefire management along California's wildland urban interface: introduction and session overview. In J. Keeley and T. A. Scott (eds.), Brushfires in California: Ecology and Resource Management, 3-10. International Assoc. of Wildland Fire, Fairfield, Washington.

Scott, T.A., R. Standiford and N. Pratini. 1995. Private landowners critical to saving California biodiversity. California Agriculture 49(6):50-58.

Scott, T.A. and N. Pratini. 1995. Habitat fragmentation: the sum of the pieces is less than the whole. California Agriculture 49(6):56.

Scott, T.A. and Morrison, M.L., 1996. Opportunistic foraging in Loggerhead Shrikes. Pp. 186-193 in R. Yosef and F.E. Lohrer (eds.). Proceedings of an International Symposium on the Lanidae and their Allies.

Bolger, D. T., T. A. Scott and J. T. Rotenberry. 1997. Breeding bird abundance in an urbanizing landscape in coastal southern California. Conservation Biology 11:1-16.

Scott, T.A. and N. Pratini. 1997. The effects of native soils on Engelmann oak seedling growth. Pp. 660-663 in Pilsbury, N. (ed.), USDA Forest Service Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-160.

Rotenberry, J. T. and T. Scott. 1998. Biology of the California Gnatcatcher: filling in the gaps. Western Birds 29(4):237-241.

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