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Faculty Mentoring

Undergraduate advising in the Department of Earth Sciences is designed to allow you close professional contact with our faculty and staff. Each student is assigned a mentor who is a faculty member with a Ph.D. This mentor has two functions:

  1. Provide advice regarding career goals
  2. Integrate you as soon and as thoroughly as possible into the community of research geoscientists that is your department

Types of questions that you should ask a mentor:

  • Should I learn Fortran or C++?
  • Where are the best Ph.D. programs in hydrogeology?
  • What electives are best for engineering geology?
  • Is ESRI a good company to work for?
  • What is the use of the integral calculus I'm learning?
  • Would you look over my resume?
  • Could I do a senior thesis on fossil sponges?
  • Should I take a physical chemistry course?
  • What advantage would a Masters degree give me?
  • What is state registration?

For more information, please contact our Faculty Advisors:

Nigel Hughes
Faculty Advisor for Geology 
1212 Geology 
Riverside, CA 92521 

Gareth Funning
Faculty Advisor for Geophysics 
438B Geology 
Riverside, CA 92521

Curriculum Advising

In addition, the department has a course curriculum advisor who can answer any questions regarding University policies and procedures. To ensure uniform interpretation of these rules, the curriculum advisor keeps your records, checks your registration each quarter, and advises you on your schedule of classes.

Types of questions that you should ask a curriculum advisor:

  • Will these courses be OK next quarter?
  • Did my history class transfer?
  • Must I take English next quarter?
  • Can I graduate next spring?
  • May I go part time?
  • What does "subject to dismissal" mean?
  • How do I change my major to geophysics?
  • Can I take this class S/NC?
  • May I take a summer course at Berkeley?
  • What summer field camps are open this year?
  • May I repeat that class?

For more information, please contact our Undergraduate Curriculum Advisor:

Michelle Butler
Professional Academic Advisor
1223 Pierce Hall
Riverside, CA 92521
(951) 827-3581 (Voice)

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