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Alan E. Williams

Williams Associate Professor

 Ph.D., Brown University, 1980

Specialty: Stable isotope geochemistry

Phone: (951) 827-4611
Office: Geology 408

Research Interests:

Stable isotope geochemistry; meteoric origin, fractionation mechanisms, and transport of ground waters. Chemical hydrology; chemical and isotopic interaction of water and rock in environmental, groundwater and hydrothermal circulation systems.

Recent Projects:

Stable isotope chemistry of surface and groundwaters in southern California; water-rock interactions in the Salton Sea geothermal system, California; fluid inclusions as indicators of chemical evolution of geo-fluids, water quality degradation and movement of nitrate in waste water.

Selected Publications:

Williams, A.E., McKibben M.A., and Eldridge C.S., Chapter 37 In: Dauphin J. P. and Simoneit B.R.T. , eds., 1991, An Overview of Fluid Geochemistry and Ore Genesis in the Salton Sea Geothermal System, and Comparison with the Gulf of California Hydrothermal Systems. The Gulf and Peninsular Province of the Californias, American Association of Petroleum Geologists Memoir, v. 47, p. 781-792

Lee, T.C., Williams, A.E., and Chuching W., 1992, An artificial recharge experiment in the San Jacinto basin, Riverside, southern California, Journal of Hydrology, v. 140 p. 235-259

Williams, A.E., Lund, L.J., and Kabala, Z., 1996, Investigation of nitrate contamination in the Sierra Pelona groundwater basin Agua Dulce. final report submitted to the California Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Williams, A.E., 1996, Mass spectrometic analysis of volatiles in fluid inclusions: aliquot calibration valve to simulate inclusion rupture. Chemical Geology v. 131 p. 155-165

Williams, A.E. and Taylor, M.C., 1996, Mass spectrometic identification of boric acid in fluid inclusions in pegmatite minerals. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 60, no. 18, p. 3435-3443

Williams, A.E., 1997, Fluid density distribution in a high temperature, stratified thermohaline system: implications for saline hydrothermal circulation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 146 p. 121-136

Williams, A.E. and Rodoni, D. P., 1997, Regional isotope effects and application to hydrologic investigations in southwestern California. Water Resources Research, v. 33(7) p. 1721-1729

Williams, A.E., 1997, Stable isotope tracers: natural and anthropogenic recharge, Orange County, California. Journal of Hydrology, v. 201 p. 230-248

Williams, A. E., Lund, L. J., Johnson, J. A., and Kabala, Z. J., 1998, Natural and anthropogenic nitrate contamination of groundwater in a rural community, California. Environmental Science and Technology, v. 32 p. 32-39.


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